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***Hatred: Or, The Last Temptation of Richard Goodness: A Novel will be released on May 1, 2017; I wasn't able to finish in time for my preferred date of April 20th (in order to commemorate the birth of Adolf Hitler, the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, the death of my grandmother, and the fact that I smoke a lot of weed). If you preorder, you'll get all the extras immediately, and I'll give you a heads up on the 1st when the game novel clicky opera when you're able to play read interact with fuck***

My name is Richard Goodness. I am queer. This is how my story ends. TW: All of them.

Hatred: Or, The Last Temptation of Richard Goodness: A Novel, the long-awaited coda to The Richard Goodness Trilogy, is a philosophical meditation on ludonarratological themes, with RPG, murder simulator, adventure, and roleplaying elements.

Writing/design/music: Richard Goodness

Art direction/development: Mathew S.

This package includes the following extras:

The Richard Goodness Trilogy: Special HD Edition: The original Twines that started it all. Contains the following games:

Richard Goodness's Autobiography: A Videogames: My name is Richard Goodness. I am queer. This is my story.

Richard Goodness Gets Fucked Up: A Romance: A life simulation game about getting fucked up.

The Passion of Richard Goodness: A Confessional Narrative: Richard Goodness is stuck in a predicament! Help him make the right choices in this devotional meditation on faith!

Sam And Leo Go To The Bodega: One day, Sam Dellaria and Leo Akane dropped acid and went to the bodega. This is their story.

Zest (with lectronice and PaperBlurt): Hello young limonista! In this retail simulator, step into the shoes of mildmannered (?) lemonade stand worker/drug warrior as he navigates the perils of Sufferette City!


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